Between your busy lifestyle or #quarantine, we all know that yoga can provide benefits beyond the mat. Even better, being able to flow anytime or anywhere is awesome, so why not try an online class? Not only is online yoga cost effective, but you can also find your zen from the privacy of your home!

We know it’s confusing for a novice or experienced practitioner to sift through YouTube and the internet for classes. Thankfully, you can focus on your Om’s because we have done the research for you! Whether your goal is to find inner peace or tone your body, we have shared our top picks.

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube channel is perfect for the newbie looking for a friendly introduction to yoga. Her classes fit a variety of needs, such as “Yoga under 10 Minutes” or “Yoga for Complete Beginners.” Her YouTube channel gained over 7 million followers, and her mission is to make yoga easy and approachable for all.

As we practice social distancing, Adriene led 30 days of yoga for beginners. Her focus on the foundations of yoga helps break away the intimidation of yoga poses. The 30 day journey helps the beginner yogi meditate, activate, and strengthen the mind and body.

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The Yoga Collective

The Yoga Collective is great for the intermediate level yogi looking for a variety of styles, levels, and instructors online. This custom yoga experience provides classes for challenging power yoga, flow yoga, and hatha yoga. They even offer pilates videos for the advanced fitness guru. Be sure to take advantage of their Refresh Archives, full of high energy food recipe vlogs, like protein smoothies or a turmeric ginger latte!

This California based yoga studio also provides live stream classes from their Venice Beach studio for yogis to log on from anywhere. The unlimited online subscription provides access to a library of classes for beginners, experienced practitioners, and even prenatal yoga classes that can be taken anytime. While access to unlimited content is paid, they have a great collection for free to all users.

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Daily Burn

Rather than surfing YouTube, the Daily Burn is a great app to break a sweat and meet your fitness goals. The app helps create a weekly plan, and is best for all levels of experience. The yogi can choose the level of intensity and length for the workout. The Daily Burn guides its members through each yoga pose one-on-one, and provides the flexibility for yogis to choose a workout schedule or browse through their video collection. 

Briohny Smyth is the internationally followed yoga instructor leading the yoga classes, and she looks to allow yogis to practice personally with her, through the Daily Burn app. A great addition to the program is the nutrition plan to guide us on the nutrients needed, like protein, to replenish our bodies and feel healthy!

P.S. yogis can practice with Briohny Smyth on YouTube with this 45 Minute Power Vinyasa Flow session focusing on the core, while also having some fun.

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Alo Moves

Alo Yoga’s motto is “mindful movement,” and their YouTube channel practices just that. The classes range from 15 minutes energizing morning yoga to HIIT flow classes. Some of our favorite YouTube playlists are Yoga Abs and 60-minute Power Vinyasa flow. Each playlist has up to 30 videos, with great Alo instructors such as Caley Alyssa, and plenty of content.

The YouTube classes are free, and if you want more, you can enroll in their 14 day trial. With guided meditation, and “How To” videos for more challenging poses, it’s time to join the Alo obsession! 

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Glo Yoga

With 16!!! styles, and 4,000+ classes, Glo Yoga is the ultimate guide to practicing yoga. Through the Glo app or your browser, personalization is endless for you to take yoga to the next level. This program is great for the novice or advanced yogi looking to study the mechanics or master the practice. Feeling like a live class, Glo Yoga records their sessions at their Santa Monica studio and shares it on their website.

It’s variety in length and style, and curriculums led by renown teachers provide a truly unique experience. The membership fee is $18 a month, If you’re debating whether to make the purchase, definitely check out this Glo app review. “YogaGlo Is the Only Yoga App I Think Actually Rivals Taking an In-Person Class.”

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