“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

I am truly privileged to be the CEO of Air Sea Land Shipping & Moving Inc., a leading relocation company that I, along with great and talented minds, built up to serve the Diplomatic Community. Through years of pursuing excellence within our industry, we have woven an intricate and everlasting reputation that carries our legacy into the future.

I am proud of Air Sea Land’s work in the past and look forward to the accomplishments of the future. By using my years of experience in marketing, measuring organizational compliance, and raising the quality-of-service bar in this industry; I aim to grow this organization beyond its current scope. By dipping our toes in new and exciting markets, we have started to build multiple paths to a successful and stable future. For over 20 years we have solidified our presence as a leading relocation service within the Diplomatic Community, now the future holds a new frontier of challenges and jobs for Air Sea Land to master.

Air Sea Land was nothing more than a dream 2 decades ago. If I am to take away anything from my experience as CEO,  it is that dreams become reality when persistence is applied.

– Vajira Mendis