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Efforts are underway to expand the port and terminal capabilities at Abidjan in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) with the goal of creating a regional port for West Africa. A joint venture between Bolloré and APM Terminals will invest approximately $475 million to construct and equip the new Côte d’Ivoire Terminal (CIT).



The pandemic, coupled with the unpredictability in consumer demands across the USA has caused the modest shipping container to be a ‘hot commodity’US imports from China rolling through the docks of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been extremely robust since late June when the economy commenced reopening from preliminary COVID-19 lockdowns.

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Let’s be fit this holiday season with these super easy tips!

 Work in some physical activity into the festivities – suggest going on a walk the neighborhood after Christmas dinner – this can be a great opportunity to catch up with your loved ones.

 Skipping meals might be tempting- but it can also result in overeating during your next meal. Have your meals as you usually would and swap out your usual high-calorie breakfast for a healthier alternative.

 Not only is yoga a great way to start your day with a clear mind- it can also help you stay in shape! The plank pose is great for the abdominal muscles, and the warrior pose is ideal for toning the legs and thighs. Check out the article for some great yoga exercises on keeping fit!

Recipe for delicious Christmas cookies

For a perfect Christmas gift, check out this delicious peppermint chocolate cookie in a jar recipe from Sally’s baking addiction

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Christmas QUIZ

How well do you really know the most magical time of the year? Take this fun Christmas quiz to find out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my cargo from the port to my home?

Our destination agents will handle the careful transition of your goods from the destination port to your home- down to unpacking and placing your furniture!

Do you handle the customs process?

We take care of customs clearance from you; down to handling the submission and processing of the necessary documents!

How does the packing process work to make sure my goods are safe during the move?

Air Sea Land has a dedicated team of professional packers, who use industry grade packing materials of the finest quality to make sure your goods are safe during the move. Our packing process includes carefully sorting out your furniture, appliances and other miscellaneous items and packing it using the appropriate material to avoid damage to the goods and assure a safe transition to your destination.

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