An Important Message on Covid-19 from Air Sea Land Group of Companies

COVID-19 Update

Update on Air Sea Land’s Covid-19 Response

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact us on a global scale, the health and safety of our employees and clients continue to remain our utmost priority. As an essential service, Air Sea Land Group of Companies is fully operational at this time. The core of our company is our people, the operations staff, front-line employees, drivers, and you. To protect both our team and clients, we are taking the safety precautions to combat Covid-19 pandemic very seriously.

Air Sea Land is adhering to the guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Where possible, we encourage our employees to host virtual meetings with clients. To protect both our front-line workers and clients, precautions include but are not limited to face coverings, boot coverings, gloves, and daily temperature checks for our crew.

Our customer service line (212) 983 8886 is always available to our clients. As an essential service, we are always making our business plan more resilient to be there for you. If you are not feeling well, and have an upcoming service, call us immediately to follow the required safety measures and appropriate response.


Additional Information on our Response


What we are doing for our employees:
  • Provide the infrastructure for our employees to attend virtual meetings with clients by investing in cloud-based technology. This helps us sustain business continuity and keep social distancing at the office. We will continue to always put safety and health first and foremost.
  • Daily temperature checks, face or mask coverings, gloves, and additional PPE for our front-line employees.
  • Adherence to CDC protocols for businesses


What we are doing for our clients:
  • In efforts to minimize face-to-face contact and social distance, we encourage virtual consultations through Zoom, FaceTime, or call us at (212) 983 8886.
  • Maintain social distance during moves and appropriate PPE worn by our crew