Air Sea Land has been providing quality service since 1998!

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Air Sea Land Shipping and Moving

Offering Premier relocation services to the diplomatic community

Why Air Sea Land?

Customer Service

For 20 years, Air Sea Land Shipping and Moving Inc., has been providing top of the line service to make sure all of their clients are fully satisfied with their service. The customers always come first.


The experience that our field team, and office managers have acquired over the past two decades is incomparible. Air Sea Land not only moves your belongings from one location to another, but they provide a service that makes you feel happy to have chose them. That feeling only comes with years of quality experience that Air Sea Land can provide.


When you choose Air Sea Land to help you move your belongings, you are choosing an experience that guides you through every step of the way. Clients never feel left in the dark because every process of the move is laid out in front to make the entire experience as painless as possible.